About Us

Hayes Family Wines is both a relatively new family winery, and one endowed with incredible experience in growing super premium grapes and crafting world-class wines from historic vineyards. Our vision is to take the best possible inputs, grapes that have been farmed organically or biodynamically, handle them gently with minimal intervention in the winery to allow the wonderful patchwork Barossa vineyard terroir to express itself in the wines we produce.

Although our wines will principally come from the Northern Barossa vineyards of Ebenezer and our own patch in Stone Well on the Western Ridge, we will also source specific grapes from time to time from other districts such as Koonunga in the very north of the Barossa Valley and regions such as Coonawarra where they have something special and their own story to tell.


In the vineyard, Marcus Schulz brings more than half a century of experience tending vines on his heritage family property in Ebenezer in the Northern Barossa. Marcus has played a critical role in the vineyards that we have purchased or established, contracted and or manage on an ongoing basis. His strong focus on biodynamics and organics and the lessons learnt over 5 generations in Ebenezer have had a significant influence on the practices we have adopted. Ultimately, his commitment to hard manual work in the vineyard has had major impact on the grapes we grow and the quality we ultimately put into bottle for our friends, family and customers to enjoy.


In the winery, Andrew Seppelt draws on generations of experience, and some 25 plus years of personal winemaking experience to craft wines sensitive to the site, the varieties and the vintage at hand. Andrew brings a sense of tradition and heritage but is able to balance this with the innovations we are seeing as increasing prevalent in the global industry of today, whether they be Ceramic Eggs, Organic and Biodynamic farming principles and low or no additions through the winemaking process. Our wines are vegan friendly.

And Our Family

Myself, Brett Hayes, my wife Kylie, and children Alice and Sam all have a great interest in the farm and its management. We are able to bring our quarter of a century of business experience from both within and outside the industry to help us stay aligned with our objectives and produce the best possible wines. It's a small team but a team full of ideas and experiences. We are well known for being willing to try the new, for innovating but not losing touch with the heritage nature of our vineyards and the wonderful Barossa Valley wine industry.