Last of 2017 Vintage Fruit is in!

With the great relief for both the vineyard and winery teams the last of the 2017 fruit arrived at the winery yesterday morning. For Marcus, Ros, Brett this brings and end to what has been a superb 2017 vintage, great quality and very good quantities. For Andrew and the winery team, the end of vintage is also drawing near, with perhaps 1 week to go before the 2017 Grenache and Mataro find there way into the resting barrel, or in the case of the Grenache, a resting egg, for the winter months ahead.

For those that have not seen our yet to be named ceramic egg (we are open to suggestions), there is a picture below. Our egg is about 5 feet high, made of ceramic and will be home to our recently picked Grenache. At this stage the plan is to leave the wine on skins for 2-3 months, in a vacuum for the natural yeasts to do there thing. It will then be taken off skins before returning to the egg for a yet to be determined period. Andrew's little baby is just starting what will hopefully be a long and successful life.  

Brett Hayes