In with the new - Our Grenache Blanc has commenced its journey

Sometimes when you are surrounded by very old vines, like we are at our home block in Stone Well, you forget that they had once started out as young vines with no expectations and great hope for the future. Like all our children.

This past week we planted a small patch of Grenache Blanc vines on a vacant block between the winery and cellar door. They are, or will be, close planted bush vines. Today they are sticks in the ground. They will have a few tough years ahead as they put down roots into the rocky soils that characterise our block. 2019 is looking very dry so those that do make it through the hot summer will be well positioned for a long life ahead.

Grenache blanc is thought to have originated as a mutation of the red version of Grenache in Spain. It then spread across the Pyrenees to France, finding a second home in the Rhone. Grenache in its red form performs exceptionally well in Stone Well, and we hope that Grenache Blanc will do the same. Only time will tell but with any luck, we will all get to find out in 4 or 5 years down the track. Either way, it will be fun. Next time you are at cellar door, feel free to say hello to one of the few Grenache Blanc blocks in Australia.

Brett HayesComment