June 1 is 'Estate Day' at Hayes Family Wines

Since establishing Hayes Family Wines we have always sort out the best vineyards, with the best soils that grow some special grapes with their own story to tell. These vineyards now span the North, West and Eastern ridges of the Barossa Valley, but our Estate Vineyard in Stone Well on the Western Ridge is a special vineyard. A vineyard with a long history of growing some of the best grapes of the Barossa Valley.

Planted to Old Vine Shiraz, Grenache and Mataro in the late 40s and 50s. The vineyard is farmed organically. The very small vineyard is broken into 12 blocks, with some blocks interplanted to multiple varieties within the same block and row, One such block is Block 8, principally planted to Grenache, but with Shiraz and Mataro vines randomly spread in the block. This block is the source of our Estate GSM ‘Field Blend’. A special wine from a special site. Not to be missed

Hayes Family Wines, Estate Stone Well Vineyard, Block 8, Field Blend of Grenache, Shiraz Mataro
Brett HayesComment